My Reiki session with Marlene was a life changing experience! Reiki helps heal from emotional issues as well as physical and helps realign the body to its natural state of being. I highly recommend it!


Montréal, QC

My name is Amanda and I am a friend of Susan and Chris, recently Susan picked up a pain salve from you for me. I have rheumatoid arthritis, Osteo-Arthritis and psoriatic arthritis. I have tried everything under the sun for topical pain aids and I have to say your product is amazing. I am a medical marijuana patient myself and I was hesitant to try this before from the dispensary but I must say what an amazing feeling. I will be looking into buying more salve as gifts in the very near future. Please let me know if there is a preorder time frame. Thank you for doing what you do and if you have some information regarding your reiki, please send that over as I am due. 



Marlene is gifted with innate wisdom and knows how to apply this to each individual who comes to her for healing.

Her dedication and willingness to help people is recognizable as soon as you meet her. Individuals book their appointment according to their preference and if needed, she will suggest other Healing modalities that may help according to her findings as she works on each client.

I have been a client of Marlene for several years and have benefited  from all of her treatments and am super pleased. I've received training in Reiki Level 1 and 2 and plan on attending other future workshops.

I highly recommend Marlene's Healing Services.


Mississauga, Ontario

When I met Marlene in May of 2017, I had no idea how much my life would be changing. Through repeated Reiki Treatments and group meditations my life has changed for the better. She taught me that my life would not change unless I became the change. I am much calmer, at peace with myself and happier. As a result those around me also feel the change. Thank you Marlene


Toronto, Ontario

I have Iliac Artery Stenosis (hardening of the Artery) in my legs.  I could not walk or do much for 3 yrs due to pain.  When I went to the Specialist, he wanted to instantly set me up for an Operation to take veins from my arms and replace them in my legs.  (I was 50 yrs old at that time ~ much too young for this type of invasive surgery in my opinion!)
I immediately went for a second opinion and my appointment date was scheduled for April of 2013.
I saw Marlene Ryan for a Reiki Session 1-2 weeks before that visit. 
WHEN the day came around, I could actually WALK IN FROM THE BUS (15 mins or less) !!!!!!  The Specialist asked what I had changed to make this happen and I told him about Reiki with Marlene Ryan.  He said "IF that is working for you this much, I suggest continuing with it and get back to me if anything changes or your symptoms are worse and you require attention" .
It is now 2 years later and I went to the Vascular Clinic for my Testing June 29, 2017 for an update.  My followup appt for results was July 19, 2017.  (3 years since diagnosis)

My results were INCREDIBLE! :
My left leg which was worse with the blood flow in my legs increased from 52 % - 76%!!!!!  The right leg had NOT changed and remained the same as it was less of a problem.

ReikiandYou, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing and everything that Marlene Ryan puts into healing the greater good is AMAZING and I can certainly back up this with my own ailments.

Internal iliac artery stenosis (IIAS) is one of the possible localizations of atherosclerosis on the arterial tree. This disease is often missed in the diagnosis process when a patient has a proximal walking pain. Indeed, a pain that appears during walking and involves the lower back, hip, buttock, or thigh suggests either proximal claudication or proximal pseudoclaudication. Claudication is a vasculogenic pain whereas pseudoclaudication results from diseases such as lumbar spinal stenosis, hip osteoarthritis, venous congestion, or bone metastasis, sciatica, and so on.

Lori Ann

Mississauga, Ontario

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